Fishing Shelter

In the old port are served not only the fishing boats, but also boats for recreational purposes. Especially during the summer months, the port hosts many boats (yachts, sailboats, etc.) that travel around the Aegean and Crete.

The Sailing and the Nautical Clubs that are hosted in the port are very active, with frequent international competitions that promote marine sports and make Crete known throughout the World.

The infrastructure available is:

  • Berths: approx. 200
  • Post: Yes
  • Cafe-Bar: Yes
  • Car Parking: Yes
  • Power supply: Exists
  • Water supply exists
  • Fuel supply: Yes
  • Boat slip: Yes
  • Boat maintenance: The space is provided


The fishing shelter is located in the old Venetian port. Approximately 90 professional and amateur fishing boats are docked in this area. Most of them are the traditional wooden "Trehantiria" and several of them have been constructed in the two dockyards that are located and operate within the land area of the port.