The passenger terminal of the port occupies an area of 2,500 m2 and is modernly organized in order to provide all the services required by the legislation (passport control, special individual control, etc.), as well as by the cruise companies ( Identification of passengers, hand luggage control, etc.). There is also a special area for check-in and luggage control.

One can find shops selling beverages, light meals, soft drinks and other items (perfumes, jewellery,souvenirs, etc) too. In addition, there are further services provided, such as car rental, taxi service, tour bus (open type), etc.

In the passenger terminal, the Heraklion Port Authority maintains an information desk, available for all passengers, providing information about the city and free maps. It has also ensured free access to the Internet (free Wi-fi, Internet access point), automatic banking Services (ATM) and luggage storage (lockers).