Press release 

The development strategy of the Heraklion Port Authority and the vision of the administration, was presented by the President and CEO of O.L.I. S.A. Mr. Apollo Filippis, at the conference titled "Port Development Conference" on Tuesday, the 27th of November. It was held at the Floating museum ' Hellas Liberty ' in Piraeus. The conference, which was successfully completed, oriented to the emergence of new trends and developments in the port and shipping industry and the presentation of best practices and innovative tools for the development of the aforementioned branches.
The President and CEO of O.L.I. S.A., referred to the modern infrastructures and services of the port, the objectives of the administration,the innovative actions he undertakes and "closed" his presentation with the Master Plan of the port, the modification of which, was recently approved by the Port Planning and Development Committee (E.S.A.L.).